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Saturday, Novemeber 2nd

Hello everyone, hope you had a thrilling All Hallow's Eve experience. We whipped up a few treats for you. Have a taste of this improv song. We also set up microphones to record singing on new songs. See you soon

August 1st, 2013:

Welcome Erik Diaz on bass and listen to our first recorded jams! We recently started playing at regular open mic nights at Front Street Pub in Massapequa Park, NY hosted every Wednesday by our friend Rob Sloan. We enjoyed jamming on improv and cover songs over the nights and figured if sitting is this much fun lets do it more!

Erik Toby & Frank's Life Off!

June 13th:

We have finally cleared up some free time to focus on completing the new album. The new guitar parts gliding over melodies sound good. Next up is some singing. Hoping to have a taste ready soon and the album in the early fall. Check out our facebook page for day-to-day happenings like live videos, new songs, open mic appearances (while finishing the album we will be frequenting the Front St. Pub open mic on Wednesday's in Massapequa Park, NY), or anything else that tickle's our fancy.

April 22nd:

Happy Earth Day!! Head over to our special Earth Day page for an acoustic treat: download Frank solo on Earth Day 4/22/10 in New York. Download the whole show!

April 2nd:

Seriously can't wait to finish the new songs! In the meantime check out our live in the studio take of Tell Me True on soundcloud.

Decemeber 23rd:

Warm wishes to everybody! We will be hunkering down to finish the next album over the next few weeks. Look out for previews and check out our sites for your musical needs. Till then, super perfundo on the early eve of your day!

October 17, '12

10 years ago this month, the first jams with drummer Adam Santorini and Frank Giliberti on guitar began at Binghamton University for what would become our first album. In celebration, we have 10 sets to give away with the Cd & Dvd of Waterhweel: 5 of the last separate releases and 5 of the new combo pack, each with a special print card. First ten to email or message us the info to win. If you would like a personalized message, feel free to ask.Thanks for listening through the years and hope to return with new music soon!

August 25 Summer 2012 update

Hey everybody! How's it going? We took a little break to hang out in the shade, listen to lots of new music, and get our energy renewed. We have a bunch of songs that we have been crafting and really want you to hear them! Melodies now need to be set to words and feelings and colors we envision reacting to the whole sound of the music will be evoked by guitars. In the meantime we have some tidbits that we cooked up on the side. Maybe one day we'll gather all of them for a main course, something like Aoeria's Jam Stew. Here's one from last Saturday, August 25th that you can have a mp3 of follow this link. Enjoy!

July & August Update

Here's some pictures from the mixing and mastering sessions for Praise to All You Hear. Both can be saved our view in full size, click either or right click and save as.

Here's a picture of the master tape recorder in action mixing & mastering Praise to All You Hear. We also did Waterwheel with it. There aren't many of these around, especially looking and sounding so pretty. We were lucky to have Kim Stallings from Sony Studios take care of it. Thanks Kim!

Here's one from when we mixed Praise to All You Hear. The device you see is a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase from the 70s, used to gently massage the sounds in a swirling array, much like the colors on the screen

And a special giveaway anniversary celebration!

It was two years ago today that Praise to All You Hear came out to play. We would like to say from us to you, thank you for all that you do. May the music rise to meet you, and to thine own self sky blue.

Here's a pic of the album with all the panels that go inside. We have two copies of the album with handwritten song titles and cover, email if you'd like one. Thanks for listing to Aoeria!!! Frank

July 13, '12 New Interview

Here's an interview we did with Vents Magazine a few months before the one we posted from ProjectFresh. It has info about the idea of the band, our musicial inspirations, funny hypothetical questions, and a few new pics. Enjoy!

July 2, '12 New Album Update:

The new album is coming along nicely, the sounds will be familiar and new. The mix of the thick guitars, driving drums, stretched bass strings, and intertwining melodies is in full swing. Now the sonics have been a bit expanded, there are new instruments never used on aoeria songs before. Percussion like shakers and tambourines sprinkle the rhythms, organs swirl between the speakers, and acoustic guitars mesh with fuzz guitars in a tight weave. Can't wait to share the sounds with everyone.

June '12, new interview!

Read Aoeria's interview with ProjectFresh, the first I've done about the band!

Also check out our facebook page for more pictures. You can see the collection of artifacts I made into the album cover for Waterwheel and my latest guitar, a Gibson Es-339, which I used on the new album for some really soaring parts.

News: October 16th, 2011

Hey everyone! Frank from Aoeria here, I'm the songwriter, singer, guitarist and Toby Bruzik is our drummer. I'd like to personally thank you from checking Aoeria out, it's incredible to share original music directly with people who care, so thank you for being a part of this! I am recording new songs which I can't wait to play for you. We are also looking for a bassist, so if you play or know anyone and are interested email us at I've added the photo montage videos from Praise to All You Hear's DVD to youtube which you can watch on our channel at Also the full version of Waterwheel is on Youtube now (*though take it as a impression of the real thing, nothing compares to the sound and look of the real cd/dvd- please read our note below)

a note on Aoeria's creations: You'll never find a upc directly on aoeria's album artwork, or copyright information, because it is not part of the work and experience being presented. a painter doesn't say every minute detail about his work right on it, only the essentials that we would like to have to share the expression we are trying to create. I like to read some details about what I'm listening to, mainly who is playing and maybe where it was made, who was involved, or some of the inspirations. The rest is up to the music. Our videos are an extensions of the artwork created for the album. The music is not contained only on a cd or mp3, it exists as a work on many formats, between the formats, because if had another medium of expression there would be even more to see and hear. For now dvds are the best option we have for presented our songs and images cohesively, so we recommend this for the purest experience to what we created. Thank you for listening to aoeria and enjoy! ~Frank


Cassette Tape version of Praise to All You Hear -Giveaway!
We made 15 cassette tapes of Praise to All You Hear from the hi-res masters that we want to give out. We made unique artwork by printing different layers and combining pictures.  Send us a message here or email where to send em - we'll include a cd/dvd with a postcard too (still available with orders from cdbaby and amazon until they run out)

To contact Aoeria about playing at a venue, festival, radio/video station please send all emails to Frank at aoeria@aoeria

click here to go to the Waterwheel index page- features music / videos / &more from our first album!