Aoeria is experimental alternative rock band from NY with signing & guitars by Frank Giliberti & drums by Adam Santorini & Matt Levine. The songs began with improvisations and were developed by Frank who writes lyrics based on the idea of channeling negative energy into positve, if sporadically laced with tongue-in-cheek sardonic humor. From dark riffs to glowing melodies sparkling acoustics & deep bass tremors, Waterwheel mixes a variety of styles & sounds including but not limited heavy rock alternative acoustic progressive & psychedelic music using interesting rhythms melodies & textures for songs that experiment in sound & song ideas. The songs resonate with intensity in their exploration of metaphysical & existential questions. Beyond the music the band augments their presence with self-made photographs of items & scenes which captured curiosity and carried the feeling of the music. The DVD version of Waterwheel expands the possibilities of the album beyond CD or LP by presenting high-definition sound with enchanting visual representations of impressions felt or linked in their expression. The songs were written organically starting with improvised riffs and rhythms that gradually took shape, which can take new routes live, & acoustically sparked songs were written & recorded only when true inspiration struck in sporadic burst traveling between college life in Binghamton, Upstate New York as the glowing fall colors were overtaken by snow & skies welling with clouds and returns to the sticky & sweaty summers in Massapequa Park on the South Shore of Long Island, giving a buzzy jolt from the laconic rolling hills of New York's border with Pennsylvania

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