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Happy Anniversary to our 1st album - Waterwheel!
and Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year to all~!!

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In other news, we have released new studio jams, instrumental b-sides and more at Soundcloud
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We've opened the vaults to find you new Aoeria music - what you hear may be a hint of what's to come or just an interesting roadside attraction. More soon. Enjoy~ https://soundcloud.com/aoeria/black-cherry-pit-instrumental

We had a high intensity show at Revolution with Roseview & I Hate Heroes - thanks to everyone who saw us and new fans we met!

We had a great show July 11th in NYC with Binger, The Social Animals, the Bassturd, and DefGRLS! Here's a few clips

Listen to our EARLY VERSIONS From our NEW ALBUM Sampler CD! Download for free. Stop by our Merch Booth at shows for a free copy, and check out our albums Praise to All You Hear and Waterwheel, t-shirts & more available at bandcamp

New Music 6/18: We added two new songs to our soundcloud page, and have compiled many rare songs for an outakes album - and there's plenty more where that came from! https://soundcloud.com/aoeria/sets/rarities-demos-improvs

We added a lyrics page. Check it out! We split it up by albums, including songs from our new album...Aoeria Lyrics

Album Updates:
We also have been posting rough sketches of other new songs that we come up with along the way, check out Soundcloud - Bandcamp - and YouTube (in studio videos comng soon)!
Here's a few updates about the new album from Frank:
Several songs have vocals fully recorded and more are on the way. The sound of the next Aoeria album is really coming together with thanks due to the patient way it's been recorded, gathering experience and musical expressions over the past few years of playing with musicians like Sharon, Toby, Seann and Sal on stages across the New York City and Long Island area.

Aoeria (A-or-ee-uh) is an independent alternative/progressive/rock band from the Long Island/NYC area that combines many sounds and styles with subtle and intense guitar, introspective and observational lyrics, intricate and simple melodies, all meshed with rhythmic dances and meditations on sounds ranging from acoustic strums to groovy riffs.  The group includes Toby Bruzik(Entwined) on drums/percussion, Sharon Binder(Entwined) on keyboards/vocals , and Frank Giliberti(Heywood, Jamaica Ashe) on vocals/guitar, with occasional guest Seann Branchfield (Symfnity) on bass. They debuted at CBGB's in 2006, followed by two studio albums and most recently a NY performance with legendary rockers Spognge. A new album is being recorded in the studio and the band is trying new songs on the road.  See them create a unique performance at every show they play.

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