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May 2015

Aoeria has been making the rounds at open mics this week. Check out Broken Promises acoustic and see us play electric this Saturday 5/23 at The Trash Bar.
Aoeria has been making the rounds at open mics this week. Check out Broken Promises acoustic and see us play electric this Saturday 5/23 at The Trash Bar.
This is one of the last shows at this very cool Brooklyn venue, so this is your chance to brag about going to a place that no one else can go to again (Aoeria's first show was at CBGB's after all).
We are on after 9:30pm and the show wraps up about 11:30. Get down early for free PBRs and well shots (basic rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, etc) from 8-9pm. Tickets are $10 if you get a ticket from me, Toby, or Sal (they are $12 online/$14 at the door).
Support local music and help spread the word to the rest of the Island (yes, BK is on LI).
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While you're at the show, ask for a free cd or grab one from our merch spot. Hope to see ya there!

Aoeria is playing this Saturday, May 23rd at the Trash Bar at 256 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11211

Join us for our first show here with our new bassist, Sal DiMaio. We also will have free CDs for attendees.

Other artists playing are Chosen One, Michael Rivers, the MarXman, and more.

Show starts at 7PM. Our stage time is between 9:30PM and 10:45PM

Free Pabst beer and well shots 8-9PM.

Tickets are $12 online/$14 at door (A few $10 tickets available directly from the band, contact us at or Aoeria on Facebook).

Get advance tickets here:

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December 2014

click here for Aoeria Newsletter December 2014

Aoeria Music:

Here's a few links for those of you looking for our music or who would like to share it with their friends and loved ones:
For official releases visit: Amazon - iTunes

CdBaby - $5 Holiday Sale on CD & Mp3- Our way of giving thanks by offering the album at our cost!

We also added High Definition downloads of Waterwheel and Praise to All You Hear on Bandcamp - please read their FAQ

You can also find us on streaming services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, and Google Play

Album Updates:

We also have been posting rough sketches of other new songs that we come up with along the way, check out Soundcloud - Bandcamp - and YouTube (in studio videos comng soon)!

Here's a few updates about the new album from Frank:

The sound of the next Aoeria album is really coming together with thanks due to the patient way it's been recorded,
gathering experience and musical expressions over the past few years of playing with musicians like Erik and Toby
and on stages across the Long Island area.

Aoeria Online:

For day-to-day news, pictures, song links, and show announcements please visit Facebook Twitter or Google+  
We even have a Waterwheel mini-site that brings you into the experience of our first album.  Look for the link on the bottom of the page.

If you'd like to become a street team member and help spread the word or would like to ask us any questions,
email for pictures, links, mp3s, and anything else you might like.   Email

September '14

We've been quietly warming up new songs and improvs at open mics and local pubs. The new album is on the horizon. Aquaint yourself with our first to albums and try to imagine where we will head next. See you soon

Check out this link at bandcamp to listen to and download Aoeria's Brooklyn show September 2014. Look out for unreleased improvs and rehearals there and on soundcloud.

more places to hear aoeria: - live & extended jams, free mp3s - listen to & order albums on download/cd/dvd - news, music, videos, pics, shows - music videos, live performances

Aoeria music can also be listened to and purchased in all download formats, or in cd & dvd sets at (Hi-Resolution download available here)
and at most download and online cd shops

August 1st, 2013:

Welcome Erik Diaz on bass and listen to our first recorded jams! We recently started playing at regular open mic nights at Front Street Pub in Massapequa Park, NY hosted every Wednesday by our friend Rob Sloan. We enjoyed jamming on improv and cover songs over the nights and figured if sitting is this much fun lets do it more!

There's a bunch of jams and rehearsals from our soundcloud page. Feel free to download and get them early because we regularly put up new songs and take down the earlier tunes. You can download the song from our new free song page, a collection of works in progress and jams. Most are in mp3s or cd-quality wav files. Save them to see how they progress into finished versions

Praise to All You Hear - Videos Videos for our songs on Praise to All You Hear are now on Youtube to watch here, reuploaded with better sound

Aoeria Shirts, Poster, & More!

- we have a limited amount of these to ship direct, email us for orders

We have created some shirts, posters, cards and more goodies that you can customize size and details. Check out our Aoeria Zazzle store at*
Be happy to know that every order goes directly to supporting us. As independent music makers we create because we love doing it. Your appreciation and support as fans means more than you could know and really helps keep us going. Thank you all and enjoy the summer!!

Order Aoeria Music Direct - Limited Tshirts and posters available too, email if interested

Support us directly by ordering an album or download - we are an independent band and produce everything ourselves, from the songs and recording to the cds, dvds videos and prints. These are hand assembled limited edition pieces of art for you to bring in to your home. Thanks for supporting independent music and enjoy the tunes!

All orders placed direct from these links or by emailing will receive a free limited art print with their order while supplies last (there's a few left)

Here's our first album Waterwheel, additional info can be found here: Waterwheel

Order Waterwheel CD/DVD

$10 + ship - select location

And our latest, Praise to All You Hear, info available here: Praise to All You Hear

Order Praise to All You Hear CD/DVD
$10 + ship - select location

July 2, '12 New Album Update:

The new album is coming along nicely, the sounds will be familiar and new. The mix of the thick guitars, driving drums, stretched bass strings, and intertwining melodies is in full swing. Now the sonics have been a bit expanded, there are new instruments never used on Aoeria songs before. Percussion like shakers and tambourines sprinkle the rhythms, organs swirl between the speakers, and acoustic guitars mesh with fuzz guitars in a tight weave. Can't wait to share the sounds with everyone.

We added Hi-def Praise to All You Hear and Waterwheel at Bandcamp!
(24bit and 48/96khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio pictures and more)

Bandcamp, a great site that helps small bands like us put up cool stuff as direct as possible from us to you. Standard-definition CDs Wavs and Mp3s are 16 bit 44.1khz (like classic video games) but our Hi-Def Wav, Mp3, & Dvd are 24bit 96khz (Waterwheel is 24/48), like most Blu-Rays. Download Shuttle or Wonder for free to see how you like it.

The hi-def files are available in many formats; we recommend Flacs to make uncompressed Wav files which are right off the master reel (yep, we use tape), read bandcamp's instructions. They also offer higher quality mp3s, but check compatibility for portable use, you may want our standard-def version with CD format wavs and ipod friendly mp3s. Happy listening! -Frank

Praise to All You Hear (24bit 96khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio & artwork during songs)

Waterwheel (24bit 48khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio pictures, artwork during songs & bonus)

March '12 -

The Reel Story of Aoeria and Waterwheel
Here's the first part of several telling the story. It and covers the early beginnings of the band to the first sessions that would become Waterwheel. Please sit back, tune into some music, and turn the page…

Here's a poem I made recently

Info about our albums and the band

Aoeria (A-or-ee-uh) is an independent rock band from the Long Island/New York City area that creates songs over a wide range of sounds a styles, from acoustic strums to groovy riffs. Our newest member is Erik Diaz on bass, or thunderfingers as we like to call him, Toby Bruzik drums and rocks (Toby is a rock artist is the literal sense of the word), and Frank Giliberti sings, plays guitar, writes songs, and is the honorary driver/roadie. A new album is in the works while Aoeria's 2nd album, Praise to All You Hear is now making waves. The first album Waterwheel has gathered fans worldwide on internet radio, video sites, and social networking with original sounds and bandmade videos with Frank's photography. Each member has been playing in local groups for more than 13 years and have joined up to put their collective experience together. Although it is difficult to pinpoint a specific sound of Aoeria, we can tell you the the sound is a unique style with subtle and intense guitar sounds, introspective and observational lyrics with intricate and simple melodies, all meshed with rhythmic dances and meditations. The band is completely independent: from the music, recording, and pictures, to pressing and designing CDs and DVDs and making websites and videos. Straight from the band to you. Thanks for tuning in!.

Feel free to send question, comments, suggestion, press or booking inquires to

click here to go to the Waterwheel mini-site- featuring music / videos / &more from our first album!