Here you will find lyrics to most of our songs. Keep checking back as more songs are added. Eventually we will make detailed album pages with links to lyrics, sound clips, videos, streaming and purchase links, and maybe even brief commentaries. Feel free to email us any questions. Enjoy!

Upcoming Album (20xx)

The Mystery

Wave Song (Lay Your Love Down On Me)

The Great Divide

Waterwheel (2008)

1. Apocrypha

2. Imminent

3. Wonder

4. Masque

5. Spinner

6. Mirror Dream

7. Lucidity

8. April Rain

9. Harpoon

10. Devastation


Praise to All You Hear (2010)

1. Dreams Fall Away

2. The Abyss

3. Crater

4. Tell Me True

5. Broken Promises

6. Snowdrift

7. Mutagen

8. The Grid

9. Shuttle

10. Skyward

11. All For You

12. Misheard

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