April Rain by Frank Giliberti // performed by Aoeria

As two people we’re as free as can be
The summer sun shines down on us
You know we’ve got one shot to make it right
I hope you take the chance to walk along with me

Through the autumn leaves
Crumbling beneath our feet
We can’t wait too long for this season to end
So please hold out till we taste the April rain

Sprouting from my nerves, unstoppable doubt
No reason to think this out loud
Every time I see your face I can’t help
But to think of the love we could share

Like stars we burn brightly in the sky
The moon is rising but don’t hide away
Cause I’ll hold and protect you, keep the pain away
So we can make our way out of the rain

I would stand by your side
In eternity there’s just you and me

The sun has come to carry us on our way
The rain will pour to wash our tears away
When we’re out of luck we can only hope
For a break from the seasons that bring us down

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