Apocrypha by Frank Giliberti // performed by Aoeria

The wilting lies behind lines
Are echoes of lost thoughts in time
That came crashing down on a world
Drowned in its hate
We’ve got to take the reigns
And throw them all away

Is this a premonition of the end in sight?
I don’t want to find out, what’s coming down

From the sky, crashing into Earth
This fire burns in our eyes
We’ve lost our way somewhere within
The forest of our lies

Take a step through the hidden door
Covered in liquid flames
It waves to you with your reflection
The pain it preys on through all of time
There is no shining moment,
The past just repeats itself


You might say there’s no escape
But if you look beyond
You’ll see love’s not gone,
We can find a way


Don’t give up hope

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