Aoeria's Free Songs:
A collection of works in progress and jams. Most are in mp3s or cd-quality wav files. Save them to see how they progress into finished versions. I will be adding new things and downloads from earlier from time to time

mp3; 320kbps aif; cd-quality for itunes etc
(Right click to save as or click to stream)
feel free to save images too

Friday Night Wandering (Demo) mp3/aif

This is an acoustical demo of a riff and flow that popped into my head. I took my freebie Carlos Robelli acoustic/electric and played the main rhythm, then added on the accompaniement and melody with a 2nd track. I think topped it off with some 2am drums played with mallets so as not to disturb the peace. I had a pleasant surprise in its tranquility and languidity while mixing it. Enjoy.

Jam August 25 mp3/aif - Here's a jam we did one evening. I had a groove and rolled out the drums, grilled the bass, and sprinkled on guitar. I also added some pictures to look at while listening. The link to the song should open in a new window, or download it so you can click back to this page. Hope you enjoy! - Frank

Thanks for listening.

New tunes are percollating, be back soon.


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